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6 Clever Tips for Your Garden

A well-kept garden gives a lot of charm to your house, but taking care of the lawn, flowers and plants is not necessarily an easy task. We have to take care of the plants, the lawn, check that weeds do not disturb the growth of flowers and plants, we have to protect the garden from rain, hail and various weather conditions. And, on top of all this, we have to find time to plan the cultivation of the species that we want to grow luxuriously.

And since if takes time to do all this, everybody want to simplify their lives, which does not hurt. Not sure how to proceed? Not to worry! In today’s article, we bring you some clever tips for your garden that will save you time, effort and money. Enjoy the reading!

1.Kill Weeds with Boiling Water

A completely natural and practically free way to kill weeds is with hot water. Yes you’ve read that right – that’s all you need. Fill a pot with water, bring it to a boil and then pour the water over garden weeds – the boiling water will kill them instantly. This trick works especially well for weeds growing in cracks or on the driveway, because while the hot water may harm nearby plants, it won;t harm the surrounding landscape.

2.Synthetic Grass for Our Four-Legged Friends

Since pets use the lawn as a playground and sometimes even as a toilet, dog owners often end up with a garden in worse shape. But here, you can have a beautiful lawn and make your four-legged best friend happy if you decide to opt for synthetic grass. The grass will prevent dogs from digging and even bringing mud into the house. As a bonus, garden owners who opt for artificial grass never have to mow the lawn. Sounds great isn’t it?

3.Choose the Right Flowers for the Beds

Many flowering plants have short flowering periods and some perennials have a surprisingly short lifespan, so if you want to always have a constant splash of color in your garden, you should plant vibrant, colorful annuals, or rotate perennials regularly.

For a low-maintenance alternative, you can plant a mix of flowering bulbs, such as snowdrops and lilies, that bloom at different times of the year. If you rely on bulbs, you’ll only have to plant once a year and the garden will look great from spring to fall.

4.Protect the Garden From the Weather

Surfaces that don’t absorb rainwater, such as roads, sidewalks and even the roof, can cause waterlogging, leading to a variety of problems for the garden.

The best way to solve the problem is to create a corner of the garden that could be called a “rain garden,” a depressed area to plant perennials and natives, which the water will reach after each rainfall, feeding the plants and draining into the soil naturally.

5.The Choice of Flower Pots and Plants

To have a beautiful and colorful garden all year round, buy the right pots and fill them with flowers that have different blooming times. Place the pots with flowering plants in the center of the garden, or at least in a prime position. As the season progresses, move the pots to get the most out of the flowers and, if necessary, replace the pots to adjust the size to the growth of the plant.

6.Protecting Hedges and Fences in the Garden

A very important factor is to give the garden a neat and defined look around the edges, and then take care of the hedges and green fences: all this immediately increases the appeal of the whole space! So arm yourself with patience and take the time to trim the hedges and bushes: they are a bit of a calling card for your garden!

There you are! With those simple but clever tips, having a gorgeous garden all year round should be easy. How about you? Do you have some of your own tips? Share them with us in the comments below.

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